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It’s nice to hear some encouragement from time to time…

I was playing Technika earlier at Robinsons Metroeast, and I used my last credit to play Randomizer. I got the songs Monoxide MX, Piano Concerto No. 1 MX (at first glance, I knew I couldn’t do them), Super Sonic MX, DJMax HD, Raise Me Up NM, and I forgot the rest . So I picked Raise Me Up, Super Sonic, and an HD chart. So there I was playing and then I realized I didn’t know what Super Sonic MX looked like. So I died. Hahahah. But before that, people from the crew MaXlanderZ (they were pretty awesome players, by the way) cheered me on saying “Kaya mo yan! Tuloy mo lang!" ("You can do it! Just continue!") as my life drained. They haven’t really talked to me much even though I’ve been seeing them play for about a year or so. So it was pretty much the first time. I dunno, but I felt kinda happy when they encouraged me. :)

The point of this story is, maybe someone out there, even someone that you might not know, is in need of a little push. A little encouragement can go a long way. I know, it sounds stupid in my story but it really means a lot. So maybe, there are also people out there that may have problems larger than some rhythm game, who is clinging to his last string of hope. Maybe a word from you saying “You can do it” may change his total point of view. 

So to you, who is reading this, I’m telling you that you can do a lot of great things in your life. We may not know yet, but God has already planned it out for you. You probably don’t need to worry about anything! So, just hang in there, and do your best.